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  • A Book Review, Just for You (yes you)

    August 28, 2019 by

    Every once in awhile, you pick up a book not knowing what you’re in for. You start reading the book, and 100 pages in, you feel like you’ve got a solid grip on where the story is headed. But then, 250 pages in, you’re painfully slamming the book into your lap at 1 a.m. in… Read more

  • Look Out Now! Review Time!

    August 8, 2019 by

    For today’s review, we look at a book that has been called a modern(ish) fantasy classic. Although it’s not universally praised, there are many in the fantasy world who adore this book. At the risk of alienating some of the precious few people who read this blog, I am going to go out on a… Read more

  • I’m Sorry, My Nerd Is Showing

    July 26, 2019 by

    To the dozen wonderful folks who may be reading this , I am making a very personal reveal. Here it comes… I am a nerd. That may not come as a surprise to those who really know me, but I wanted to make a public declaration for reasons that will become clear. But when you… Read more

  • Unwriting

    July 23, 2019 by

    I made a decision. I will find my way back to creative writing through short fiction. However, I am finding the cobwebs are thick. But all is not lost. As I mentioned in the first post, I wrote several thousand words of a short story last year. I became quite lost in it. Reading back… Read more

  • I “Read” a Book!

    July 14, 2019 by

    I read it with my ears. (It was an audio book). I assure you, I do read actual books as well. As a general disclaimer, I am predisposed to like a book. Each and every one. I put my trust in the story, I suspend my disbelief, I put up blinders to those little plot… Read more

  • Welcome – please take off your shoes – sit for a moment

    July 11, 2019 by

    So…hello. Introductions are awkward. Should we shake hands? Should we go in for a one-quarter bro hug? How about a high five? Too soon for that? The Romans would grab each other’s wrists and shake. The custom in China is to shake hands softly, but don’t look your counterpart directly in the eyes. Don’t even… Read more

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